Pallet Flow Rack & Storage Equipment

What are Pallet Flow Racks

Flow storage systems are a high density storage system that is designed to store more pallet loads in the same space than a generic rack systems. These types of storage systems are designed to store many types of goods from raw materials, finished goods, and even those that are a “work-in-progress.” 

Another great benefit of pallet flow racking is the ease in which these systems can be used. With a pallet flow system, you not longer need to hire specialized technicians. A non-technical staff member will be able to quickly enter new materials into the system with ease. This allows you to spend more time focusing on revenue-generating activities instead of spending time looking for missing items or dealing with safety hazards in the warehouse. 

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Pallet Flow Systems

How do Pallet Flow Rack systems work

A pallet flow rack storage system can make inventory management a lot easier. These systems redesign the way in which you will interact with your warehouse inventory. To begin, pallets will be loaded on the high end of a rolling lane and gradually move towards the other end where they will be unloaded. This storage model drastically improves FIFO inventory models.

Another great benefit of flow storage systems is their ability to handle extremely high volumes of product in a much smaller space. With flow storage, you only need to have two aisles, one for loading and another for unloading. This means that, depending on the application, you can store between 2-10 pallet loads back to back.

Additionally, a flow storage system uses a unique combination of rails and other components that can easily be adjusted without any special tools. The height of flow racks can also be adjusted, making it easy to compensate for different sized pallet loads, as well as the available space within your particular warehouse. The racks also have oversize slots for larger products like lumber or machinery parts, which won’t fit within standard sized racks. This type of construction provides a level of flexibility that not only makes it easier to work with, but safer. On average, products transferred through flow racking systems are far less likely to be damaged when compared to more traditional storage methods.

Why should you use Flow Racks

Flow racks are more efficient than other types of product racking since they allow products to move through your facility faster with less handling; that is why they are ideal for high-volume warehouses. With flow racking, employees find warehouse operations to be much easier to run and often result in fewer delays, increasing productivity throughout the entire business. If your company is in need of a high density storage system that is also space-efficient, a flow racking system might be a great option!

Benefits of a Pallet Flow system

With flow racking, you have more time to focus on things like marketing, sales, research and development rather than organizing stock through an inefficient storage system that requires many hours of work each day.  

A lot of companies use pallet flow storage systems for order picking and selective racking to store products by SKU or in the backroom. Labor can be reduced because there is no need to read tags or hand select items for loading. Instead, you pick off one item at a time from your storage device and have it loaded straight into the shipping container.

Quality control is also easier to check with flow racks than other systems because employees can easily see that something has been checked off the list. When you need to know if products have passed inspection, it’s simple to verify just by looking at them which saves time during production.

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