Using ASRS Technologies to Give Your Business Operation a Competitive Advantage

Storage management is an issue that affects the performance of any warehouse business. With the overall efficiency and productivity of a warehouse relying heavily on the way pallets are stored and retrieved, it’s imperative that warehouse owners find a system that will keep their storage space organized and running efficiently. Installing an automated storage system in your warehouse is one of the best ways to get the most out of your warehouse, both in terms of space and productivity.

With an automated storage and retrieval system, computers are used to manage the process of storing and retrieving the goods in your warehouse. These types of storage systems were once too expensive for many businesses. However, with the advancement of technology came new options that are not only more affordable, but have better features than the original versions!

Automated Storage

How an Automated Storage System Can Benefit Your Business

Using automated storage and retrieval systems will improve the quality and productivity of your warehouse by reducing the number of people involved in handling items. The process of doing this also ensures that everything will follow a predetermined schedule. One of the greatest benefits of this type of storage system is the reduction in labor costs associated with running your facility. 

When it comes to warehouse storage, space is one asset that there never seems to be enough of. There are often a variety of goods that end up consuming too much space when using conventional storage means. However, with an automated storage system, your warehouse will be transformed to provide flexible storage space configurations using equipment like shelves with customizable height, curtain-sided lanes, single bay or multiple cart capacity units offering unequaled flexibility to meet any application.

Automated Storage & Industrial Retrieval Systems

With automated storage systems, you will be able to easily control all operations within your warehouse. You can retrieve items without having to open doors or spend time moving around to different parts of the warehouse. You’ll also find that your warehouse has a lot more space than it previously did. This is because automated storage systems optimize all of your existing storage space, making storage solutions much more efficient. The best part is, automated storage and retrieval systems can be used in warehouses of any size!

Automated storage and retrieval systems can also be used for indoor applications where it is not possible to use forklifts. For smaller warehouses, this actually produces a great benefit because it allows you to have smaller aisles between racks. The smaller isles creates more storage space, which can still be managed efficiently with ASRS.

Benefits of ASRS Technologies & Retrieval Systems

How Can ASRS Technologies Support Your Business:

  • automated storage means increased efficiency
  • automated storage allows for better use of warehouse space and increased storage capacity
  • automated storage is useful in warehouses of all sizes

Automatic Storage Will Support Fulfillment Operations & Retrieval systems

Fulfilling orders can sometimes be a challenge for many warehouses. Depending on the layout and storage systems used, fulfillment teams might have to travel around to multiple areas of the warehouse just to fulfill a single order! In fact, it can take more than 50% of the time. However, with automated storage systems, you’ll be able to program your system to fulfill orders automatically, so the entire process of shuffling around the warehouse is completely eliminated.

What type of changes can you expect to see in your warehouse operation after adopting ASRS technologies?

There are many benefits to using automated storage systems. Businesses owners can expect to see a decrease in cost per transaction – this is mainly due to the decrease in labor needed for fulfillment – you’ll see an increase in productivity, an increase in warehouse storage capacity, an increase in inventory turnover rates, and more!

There have been many studies done on the use of automated storage systems. These studies consistently show that a businesses annual revenue can increase anywhere from 27% to 60% within five years of installing an automated storage system in their warehouse. Additionally, automated storage is known to increase operating measures by 70%.

Another change that you’ll likely see in your warehouse after installing an automated storage system is the improved condition of your product storage areas. With automated storage, the products in your warehouse are less likely to sit for lengthy periods of time. Furthermore, the automated conveyor systems that will be installed to move your products throughout the warehouse will keep packages off of the ground and away from forklifts, creating a safer and more stable shipping environment.

Do you want to increase your warehouse efficiency and grow your business significantly? Then, get yourself an automated storage system! Contact us today at Pro Material Handling to help you in designing and implementing ASRS technologies into your warehouse that will boost efficiency and make your business achieve the success levels that you have always imagined!