Automate Storage Via AS/RS to Give Your Business Competitive Advantage

Automated StorageStorage management is one issue that affects the performance of any material handling or warehouse business. The overall efficiency and productivity of a warehouse business are much determined by how storage and retrieval are handled. Therefore, if you want to give your business a competitive advantage, it’s prudent to go for storage solution that will make things run smoothly in your warehouse. An automatic storage and retrieval system is the best way to go. This is a modern technology that uses computers to store and retrieve goods as per the location of storage.

How an Automated Storage System can benefit your Business

Space optimization

Space is one asset that has never been enough for any warehouse business. There are a lot of goods of different sizes that end up consuming too much floor when using conventional storage means. However, with automated storage and retrieval systems such as Carousels, you will save valuable floor space because they make use of height in storing goods. This allows you to accommodate more materials; hence, more profits for you.

Reduced Errors

Automatic storage systems solve the problem of disorganization in your warehouse. A disorganized warehouse increases chances of errors and accidents in storing or retrieving products. Such mistakes are costly because they may result in damage or worse loss of goods.

Maintain an accurate inventory

You can easily track your goods when you have an as/rs which helps you in planning for your business. Through this system, you can quickly tell how much space you have; hence, know how many more goods you can hold.

Enhance Customer Experience

An automated storage and retrieval system facilitates fast storage and access to goods which reduces the amount of time you will keep your customers waiting. Timely service delivery is one factor that plays a role in attracting and retaining customers. So, if you want to create customer loyalty, then include an as/rs system in your warehouse.

Reduce the overall cost of production

Computerized machines use storage aisles to move materials up and down with little human input. This reduces the amount of workforce you need to hire to maintain things flowing fast in your warehouse. Besides, there will be fewer cases of damaged or lost goods in your warehouse. Therefore, you will reduce the amount of money you are using to run operations in your warehouse which means more profits.

Allows you to handle all sorts of Goods

An AS/RS storage approach will enable you to manage materials that you wouldn’t because of size or safety. The system can operate in any environment without posing risks to your employees which makes your business a favorite to clients because you can service practically any of their needs.

The best thing about using automatic storage systems is that the size of your warehouse doesn’t matter because they are adaptable to any business setting. However, for you to exploit them to your business’ advantage, you need to use the services of a professional when you are implementing one. Pro Material Handling can be your best partner if you need an automated storage and retrieval system that will serve the needs of your warehouse.

Why use our Automated Storage Systems for your Business?

Remarkable Solutions – At Pro Material Handling, we are committed to offering the warehousing solutions that best address your business needs. We walk with you every step to understand your needs which allows us to implement a lasting solution for your warehouse storage problems.

Leading technology – We are equipped with modern technologies and operational strategies which enables us to offer second to none material handling solutions. No matter which industry you specializes in, the size or design of the warehouse, we have got the technologies to implement an automated storage system that will serve your needs. We are committed to helping you become a leader in your field of material handling.

Customized AS/RS system – Our automatic storage systems are not one-size-fits-all. We can customize a system that will accommodate the weight, size, design, or other preferences that you may have according to your goods. Whether you pick module, put walls or want to integrate storage systems in your warehouse, we can handle it.

Detailed analysis and expert advice – We analyze your warehouse and business needs from all perspectives. Our vast experience gained from working in this industry for long allows us to assess your situation better and offer the ideal solution that will maximize the space you have and boost efficiency.

Continuous support – At Pro Material Handling, we don’t part with your after we are done implementing an automated storage system for you. We provide continuous support and address any issues that may arise. This shows how confident we have in the service we deliver.

Professionalism – We treat our customers with high regards and utmost professionalism. You are the reason why we have remained leaders in the material handling industry, and we don’t take that for granted. We take pride in seeing smiling customers who have been satisfied with the storage systems we have installed for them.

Reliability – There is no better way to define our automated systems other than reliable masterpieces. We will not only get to you within a few hours of contacting us, but also implement a system that is highly reliable in terms of safety and efficiency. Our systems will serve you for a long time without encountering any glitch. Even when you have an issue, we will sort you promptly because we don’t want your business to come to a stand-still.

Licensing, certification, and insurance – To further demonstrate how effective our storage systems are, we have a permit and certifications from the relevant authorities and bodies. This gives you peace of mind knowing the materials, the procedure we use, and our staffs are accredited and fit to offer such delicate services. Having insurance shows that we care about the safety of your property and all the parties involved in implementing automated storage systems.

Other services that we offer

In our efforts to help warehouse businesses to find management solutions that will make things run smoothly, we provide the following services;

  • In-plant offices
  • Used pallet racking
  • Mezzanine
  • Conveyors

Automatic storage and retrieval system are rational means to improve warehouse operations. If you want to change things in your warehouse, get one today. Pro Material Handling can help you to implement word-class solutions for production. Contact us today and give your business a competitive advantage.